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Google Ads Unveils Demand Gen: The Future of AI-Powered Advertising

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Demand Gen's Debut:

Looking to supercharge your brand's presence on Google's platforms? Google Ads has got you covered. The tech giant recently showcased the potential of Demand Gen campaigns, aiming to amplify brands' reach across YouTube and Google. The idea? Seamlessly integrate your advertising strategy into the multiple formats today's consumers are engaging with.

Google AI, Demand Gen, Google Advertising, Advanced Digital
Google AI

The Digital Behavior Shift:

A recent survey noted a staggering 90% of users engage with diverse content formats, from YouTube sports highlights to quick 60-second Shorts. Google platforms, especially YouTube, outpace traditional social sites when it comes to catching up on favorite creators. Moreover, consumers are 61% more inclined to use YouTube or Google for product research and 67% more likely to make a purchase after viewing an ad on YouTube.

What's New with Demand Gen?

Launched in June, Demand Gen campaigns were tailored to tap into the vast YouTube and Google audience. These campaigns aim to stir user action through captivating creatives, combined with Google's advanced audience and bidding techniques. After promising beta results, Google is all set to launch Demand Gen for all Google Ads users worldwide this October.

Discover More, Dive Deeper:

Demand Gen, Google Advertising, Advanced Digital
Demand Gen

Case Study Highlights:

Naranja X, an emerging fintech player from Argentina, leveraged Demand Gen, witnessing a remarkable 3X surge in click-through rates and a 61% reduction in cost per action compared to other paid social campaigns. On the other hand, Samsung Germany utilized the 'Maximize Clicks' bidding strategy in Demand Gen, recording a whopping 400% uplift in click-through rates in April 2023.

More updates are coming soon!

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