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The Organic-Modern Blend: Crafting a Cohesive Branding and Visual Identity

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Explore the unique essence of MORI's brand and visual identity, where Jarosław Dziubek skillfully combines natural shapes with contemporary Swiss-influenced layouts, presenting an alluring narrative in design.

Jarosław Dziubek's design for MORI's branding and visual identity serves as a striking demonstration of contemporary design ethos. This branding project merges two seemingly disparate elements—organic and modern—to create a captivating visual narrative.

Central to this design is the typography, which demands attention with its bold, blocky style reminiscent of impactful fonts. However, what truly captivates is the MORI logo. At a casual glance, it seems to be a mix of natural patterns, akin to those found in growing fungi or plants. Cleverly, the design subtly incorporates the word "MORI," reflecting the brand's core.

Swiss design principles are evident throughout, especially in the meticulous grid compositions and typography. The reverence for precision and alignment is clear, offering viewers a harmonious and structured visual experience. This Swiss inspiration, juxtaposed with the logo's organic forms, encapsulates the dual nature of MORI's business: a producer of both oysters and mushrooms.

The logo is more than a brand symbol; it tells a story. It expands organically, subtly suggesting MORI's business focus. This thoughtful alignment of visual components with the brand's identity ensures the logo is not just a symbol, but a true representation of MORI's values.

Finally, the supplementary materials deserve mention. The printed items, primarily in a refined black and white palette, exude elegance. Of particular note is the packaging design. A box that boldly features the logotype in a vertical orientation. It's a design choice that stands out, reinforcing the brand's commitment to innovation and distinction.

To conclude, MORI's branding and visual identity, crafted by Jarosław Dziubek, exemplifies the fusion of natural elements with modern design concepts, demonstrating the influential role of design in narrating a brand's story.

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