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2024 Social Media Marketing: Advanced Platform Innovations and Predictions - What to expect ?

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

As 2024 nears, anticipating the trajectory of Social Media is crucial for marketers. Here's a distilled summary of the anticipated trends and advanced platform innovations across major social media.

Facebook & Instagram: Advanced Platform Innovations

Social Media Marketing Meta AI AR Avatars

  • AI and Video Content: Both platforms will increase the use of AI, with Facebook integrating AI tools and Instagram ramping up AI-recommendations in feeds.

  • Reels and Engagement: Reels will be pivotal on Facebook, demanding marketers to craft captivating content for wider audience reach.

  • Avatars and Identity: Instagram will likely introduce new avatar features, tying into Meta's broader metaverse push.

  • Metaverse Readiness: Facebook’s metaverse efforts will evolve with more realistic 3D avatars and options for users to engage with their digital personas.

  • AR Developments: Expect previews of Meta’s AR technology through products like Ray Ban Stories and Quest VR headsets.

LinkedIn: Professional Networking Evolves

AI Integration, Development, Advertising, LinkedIN

  • AI-Integration:LinkedIn’s further incorporation of generative AI will refine job matching and content relevancy.

  • Career Pathway Tools: Advanced AI may offer users better insights into potential career paths and job opportunities.

  • Professional Development: Expect new tools for skill development, career guidance, and possibly even AI-driven networking enhancements.

TikTok: Navigating Commerce and AI

TikTok AR Shopping, Digital Wardrobe
TikTok Commerce and AI
  • Generative AI: TikTok is set to embrace AI for content and shopping experiences.

  • E-Commerce Innovations: The platform will continue to experiment with in-stream shopping, despite regulatory challenges.

  • Localized Content: Look out for TikTok testing “Nearby” feeds, potentially impacting local business marketing strategies.

Pinterest: The Intersection of Inspiration and Reality

AR Shopping, Pinterest, Digital wardrobe, Advertising, Social Media

  • AR Shopping: Pinterest might roll out more in-store AR activations, blending the line between browsing and shopping.

  • Digital Wardrobe: Tools for virtual try-on and wardrobe compilation could enhance personalized shopping experiences on the platform.

Snapchat: Engaging Users Beyond the Lens

  • Snapchat+ Expansion: Snapchat will likely build upon its subscription service with exclusive features, possibly including generative AI tools.

  • AR Spectacles: Anticipate new versions of AR-enabled Spectacles as Snapchat competes in the AR space.

  • Potential Acquisition: Financial challenges may position Snapchat as a takeover target, potentially altering its future trajectory.

Snapchat, Wardrobe, AR, AI, Digital Advertising, Marketiing. Social Media, Advanced Digital Group
Snapchat Wardrobe AR AI

X (ex-Twitter): In Search of a Sustainable Model

  • Subscription Model Shifts: Twitter’s strategy to monetize through subscriptions may undergo significant changes.

  • Verification Changes: Expect a revamp of Twitter’s verification system, which could impact marketing strategies.

Each platform's trajectory indicates a blend of AI, AR, and personalized experiences that will shape how brands engage audiences in 2024. Adapting to these trends will be key to maintaining a competitive edge in the world of social media marketing.

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