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Enhancing User Feeds: LinkedIn's New Initiative for Improved Engagement

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Have you noticed a change in your LinkedIn engagement of late? Maybe you’re seeing moreposts from the same people repeatedly, or you’re getting fewer notifications?

LinkedIn, the world's leading professional networking platform, has recognized the importance of keeping its user base engaged and invested in the content they consume. With this in mind, the platform has introduced a series of new features that will undoubtedly reshape how users interact with their feeds.

  • LinkedIn is showing you more content from the people and Pages you engage withmost

  • LinkedIn is putting more focus on hashtag engagement to highlight relevant topics tousers

  • LinkedIn’s reduced notifications for certain actions

  • Posts are now seeing more reach over time, as opposed to gaining the most traction on the first day (van der Blom says that posts are now getting far more traction on the second and third day after posting)

As explained by LinkedIn:

Our Homepage Feed produces billion-record datasets over millions of sparse IDs on a daily basis. To improve the performance and personalization of the feed, we have added the representation of sparse IDs as features to the recommendation algorithms which power these products.

LinkedIn’s algorithm now has more measures to factor in, in order to predict likely engagement.

This initiative underscores LinkedIn's commitment to fostering meaningful professional connections. Users can expect to see more content aligning with their career interests, industry news, and insightful perspectives from their connections. Whether it's an in-depth industry analysis or a thought-provoking opinion piece, the content will now be curated to match individual preferences more effectively.

The move to refine engagement signals also presents a valuable opportunity for content creators. Those sharing their expertise on the platform can anticipate an increase in visibility if their content garners meaningful engagement, even beyond the conventional metrics. This shift encourages the production of high-quality, relevant content that genuinely captivates the audience.

In conclusion, LinkedIn's expansion of engagement signals stands as a pivotal moment for the platform's evolution. This proactive step toward personalized user feeds not only redefines howcontent is consumed but also empowers users to make more valuable connections in their professional journey. There’s no secret code, as such, to crack the algorithm, but LinkedIn now knows more about who’s interested in your content, and it’s increasingly likely to show it to them in-stream.

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